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The core of your business success starts with trained professionals.

In order to make the most of the Cherwell® platform, it is important to understand what skills and capabilities are required by your staff.

AFJ Consultants are all Cherwell® Certified Instructors and can assist your business to understand what training is required to enable you to reach your goals. Training provided is role based and focusses on the desired outcomes for attendees.

AFJ Consultants provide official Cherwell® Administration Foundations training, advanced developer courses and bespoke training. Training outcomes are agreed in advance to ensure the correct focus is provided during the training.

End User training is typically provided as a part of implementation projects, to ensure Cherwell® users are able to effectively use the solution from day 1. End User training, will focus on the process, working practices and reasons behind them as well as the tool to ensure users have a comprehensive understanding of the work they are being asked to undertake.

End user training can be class based or follow a train the trainer approach.

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