DRYiCE MyCloud

Value Delivered By MyCloud

DRYiCE MyCloud is a proactive multi-Cloud, lifecycle management product that empowers organizations to govern, provision, monitor and manage Cloud infrastructure. It combines data exploration and data visualization in an easy-to-use application to enable effective analysis and actionable insights for IaaS and PaaS. The data-driven recommendations and advisories from MyCloud ensure continuous optimization of the Cloud environment across areas including cost, performance, security, and utilization.

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What DRYiCE Can Offer You

Self-service catalogue

Metering, billing, and chargeback

Role-based access control

Automated infrastructure scaling

Software-defined storage

Authentication and authorization

Virtual server lease management

Automated blueprint provisioning

Policy-driven orchestration

Key Benefits

Standardization and alignment of processes

Optimized and Efficient environment

Time to value - Rapid deployment

Improved Effciency with automation

Reduced cost of maintenance

Improved responsiveness

Cost savings on IT support

Improved employee productivity

End user experience enhancement

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