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Enterprises are currently focused on seamlessly transitioning their operations to a remote working model and responding to what is now the New Normal. Leaders are finding their enterprises on back-foot as both tools and processes have been found wanting as workforces turn homeward. Apart from the obvious impact on business continuity, the distributed operating locations and multiple devices have caused a massive overload on support desk queues.

Enterprises can optimize their digital workplace and enable self-service through DRYiCE OptiBot, an employee enablement and workplace optimization software that pre-emptively resolves various common system and application issues through unassisted automation. OptiBot focuses on enhancing UX and making work life simpler while reducing the burden on IT. It minimizes calls to the IT Support function by pre-emptively resolving various commonly occurring system or application issues through unassisted automation, delivering a unique feature we refer to as ‘Sense Heal’.

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What DRYiCE Can Offer You

Sense heal

Enterprise appstore

Password reset

Auto ticketing through ITSM integration

Integration with DRYiCE Lucy

Chat enabled IT support

Alert broadcast

Broadcast Application protection

Enterprise knowledge management

Key Benefits

Cost savings on IT support

Improved employee productivity

End user experience enhancement

Process automation for operational efficiency

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